“...reveals mastery in shaping sonic contortions that draw mystery and uneasiness. Only open-minded creators are capable of feeling so comfortable within these atmospheres, where everything is strange and yet nothing is out of place.”
— JazzTrail
“Stunning... Piercing... Enchanting!!!”
— Huffington Post
Sensibility, humor, virtuosity, ears and heart... Renato has it all. I always learn something when I hear him play. An exhilarating experience!
— Jean-Michel Pilc, piano
A talented young pianist who is creating a nicely hybridized style of piano playing drawing from the pools of jazz, free improvisation and contemporary classical music.
— Ralph Alessi, trumpet
He is a great musician, composer and friend!
— Tony Moreno, drums
One of the few young artists that has the courage to forge his own path thereby creating a sound that is uniquely his own!
— Bruce Arnold, guitar
Renato Diz has a personal, unique concept and voice on the piano. Definitely someone to look out for in the near future...
— Michael Rodriguez, trumpet
What is evident is his musical maturity as well as his obvious talent. Renato is exceptionally focused and makes massive strides every time I hear him! What strikes you when you meet Renato is his thirst for expanding his musical horizons, as well as his knowledge...
— Sean Khan, alto saxophone
...I see in him rare and indispensable qualities/features that make him an exceptional pianist/musician....
— Mário Laginha, piano
...ranking from the start among the most dedicated and charismatic ... Renato’s enthusiasm and love for any musical subject is contagious to those who surround him!
— Carlos Azevedo, composition
...I had the opportunity to follow some of his work as an independent artist, and often appreciated his original thinking, his versatility, his sense of performance and also the high commitment that springs from everything he does...
— Jose Parra, piano
Renato has outstanding musical and artistic qualities, specially in its spontaneity and musical imagination, and considerable technical skills and pianistic dexterity!
— Sofia Lourenço, piano
What happened there is unclassifiable (referring to a solo performance at Porto’s António de Almeida Foundation). I witnessed creativity in it’s maximum splendor, served by a rare, extraordinary and seductive piano technique...
— Daniel Serrão, in "Artes e Letras" Jan '13