Zulfugar Baghirov - Soprano & Tenor Saxophones

Renato Diz - Piano & Extended Techniques


Recorded by Joseph Patrych at Patrych Sound Studios, New York, on July 2012.

Mixed & Mastered by Silas Brown at Legacy Sound, New York, on November 2012.

Cover Art: "Black Garden for Malevich" by Carson Fox.

Graphic Design by Zaur Abdurahmanov.


Sponsored by Karabakh Foundation.

Two instruments - the piano and saxophone are pushed to their limits, transcending their natural acoustic and dynamic range to recreate the full depth and power of classically written symphonic works. The energy and full authenticity of a live performance is preserved through recording to create an immediate and enveloping sound experience.

”This album is a celebration of an intense connection and our purest attempt to share with the world something we think is meaningful and important, not about music itself but using music as the conduit that surpasses language and speaks about things that can’t be expressed using words. Oftentimes when we are playing, we feel like we are letting this higher existence speak through us, and that we’re not necessarily creating anything, but allowing the music to form itself and we invite the listener to share our journeys through this dimension, to feel the presence of something that connects us all and exudes joy!
— Zulfugar Baghirov & Renato Diz